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social media strategy.

Get instant access to conference social media top-experts:
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How Social Media can make your next conference a total success:

Social Media can improve your next conference. Every phase of your conference production is impacted:
  • The pre-production phase
  • The Sales and Promotion Phase
  • The On-site Phase

Get a Diagnostic of your current social media strategy:

Get a complete diagnostic of your social media strategy from our social media experts.
>Ask for a diagnostic of:

  • your Google Ranking Strategy
  • your Facebook Strategy
  • your Linkedin Strategy
  • your Twitter Strategy
  • your Complete Global Strategy

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Start an effective social media stragety for your conference:

Here is your roadmap:

  • Step 1: Refine your Goals
  • Step 2: Get your Expert-on-demand for an initial first 1-2-1 session,
    giving you the directions
    for an efficient start
  • Step 3: Choose the best plan that matches your needs.

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Boost your current social media strategy now:

Get your expert on-demand.:

After a full diagnostic of your social media strategy, you get an expert assigned to you. He will
  • help you clarify your goals,
  • and pass on his expertise to you

You will be guided by your expert on-demand, every day, every week,
in fact whenever your need assistance
for yourself or your team.

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Accelerate your conference pre-production:

The SuccessfulConference Pre-Production Fast Track
instantaneously propels your pre-production to the top,
bringing to you the most effective and fastest strategies for:

  • Finding the Hottest Topics
  • Finding the Best Speakers
  • Having the Hottest Topics Come To You
  • Having the Best Speakers Come To You

This is a complete blueprint for conference pre-production in 5 modules.
All is about accelerating your pre-production process with:
  • step-by-step instructions
  • fill-in templates
  • precise "look-over-my-shoulder" videos
focused on THE social media that works
for YOUR market, your prospects, your conference.

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Increase you conference sales and profits:

This program contains the latest best strategies and tactics for easy and effective conference selling:
  • How to increase your conference revenues
  • how to increase your conference profits
  • how to make easier and more effective your conference promotion

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Make your event a memorable event:

This program contains the latest best strategies and tactics for engaging your conference audience:
  • all that you, as a conference producer, can do to engage the audience
  • all that they, as speakers, can do to engage the audience

It is all about :
  • the tools
  • the strategies
  • the tactics
for having your audience participate like never before.

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The Reference Book for Social Media and Conferences & Events:

"Social Media for Conferences & Events", explains the new rules and new opportunities.

The book is on its way to become the professional "Bible" for the conference industry. It is useful guide for readers looking to make the most of new technologies and approaches in planning conferences, trade shows or events.

You can immediately implement all these latest strategies for your next event, thanks to the included 19 step-by-step trainings and 12 worksheets.

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