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About Successful Conference:

Successful Conference, trains hundreds of professionals how to explode their business.

Successful Conference has built ready-to-implement "done-for-you" systems to automate pre-production, sales, revenues and profits for conferences, trade shows, and events.

Successful Conference CEO, Dan Ake, is one of the world's leading authorities on social media for conferences and trade shows. He and his team champion the importance of technologies and social media, building a full range of Systems for facilitating every part of a conference project, from producing to sales automation and improving eventsí financial results.

Succcessful TV Channel:

Successful TV Channel, is the first professional TV for conference, trade show, and event professionals.

Its first channel "Learn From the Experts" brings the top experts of our industry at your fingertips.

You get your private access to these experts for each area of your conference job.

You learn from them. You model them.

You just have to apply what they tell you. What worked for them will work for you.
What they discovered with their amazing experience will serve you.

Their breakthroughs are yours.

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The Conference Reference Book:

The 7 Spells of the New Conference People 2.0, explains the new rules and new opportunities.

The book is on its way to become the professional "Bible" for the conference industry.

Additional must-read books are "How your competitor will beat you", and "The 10 Social Media Essentials for CEOs and Executives".

A useful guide for readers looking to make the most of new technologies and approaches in planning conferences, trade shows or events.

You can immediately implement all these latest strategies for your next event, thanks to the included 19 step-by-step trainings and 12 worksheets.

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Your Successful Conference Fast Track:

Coming soon...

Previously named "Successful Conference Systems".

These "done-for-you" systems automating pre-production, sales, revenues and profits for conferences, trade shows, and events, are being completely updated integrating all the latest breakthroughs and technologies.

Stay alert!

Speaking Performances:

As one of the top visionary and motivational speakers in the conference industry, Dan's authentic, powerful and entertaining presentations help executives transform their organizations.

He works with CEOs, CFOs, presidents and their executive staff around the globe, changing the mindset of their teams, so that they become "Conference People 2.0.", i.e. Conference People with new skills and new attitude, more efficient, powerful and innovative, and therefore more capable of resisting to crisis.

Attendees become "internet and social-media" fluent.

Attendees understand how to integrate the power of social media into their day-to-day job

Attendees can use them as a killer weapon for real-life conferences.

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All the knowledge and experience gathered through Successful Conference is yours with Dan's coaching sessions.

Available in one-to-one, or group sessions, the coaching programs are dedicated to:

  • Conference Producers, with:
    • Follow-up Coaching from A to Z for a specific conference production, increasing memorability, technology and social media integration, revenues and profits,
    • Personal Coaching for managing the stress of the event management and being on top on demand

  • Conference Multi-Producers:
    • Team management and Multi Conference Coaching

  • Conference Executives:
    • Coaching for Transforming the Organization
      It is all about having the team aligned and using the new rules and opportunities for outstanding event productions.

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