The Successful Conference Pre-Production Formula

Conference pre-production
can be
fast and effective.

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The 3 components of the SuccessfulConference Pre-Production Formula:

They have been designed as results-oriented solutions to the 3 major issues conference
producers are facing during the pre-production phase,
dealing with topic and speakers:
  • The SuccessfulConference Pre-Production System
  • The SuccessfulConference Speakers "Say-Yes" System
  • The SuccessfulConference Speakers Boosting Program

The SuccessfulConference Pre-Production Fast Track:

This system instantaneously propels your pre-production to the top,
bringing to you the most effective and fastest strategies for:
  • Finding the Hottest Topics
  • Finding the Best Speakers
  • Having the Hottest Topics Come To You
  • Having the Best Speakers Come To You

This is a complete blueprint for conference pre-production in 5 modules.
All is about accelerating your pre-production process with:
  • step-by-step instructions
  • fill-in templates
  • precise "look-over-my-shoulder" videos
focused on THE social media that works for YOUR market, your prospects, your conference.

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The SuccessfulConference Speakers "Say Yes" System:

This system instantaneously links your targeted speakers to your conference.
It is a win-win program that makes your offer irresistible for any top speaker.

The system that we will set up for you uses the power of the internet and social media
to make your speakers say "yes".

In the same time, it accelerates your sales using your best-seller speakers in a way that:
  • does not require more than one hour of their time
  • dramatically enhances their reputation on the internet
  • propel them on the internet search engines
  • they will thank you for the numerous media and internet coverage
    that they will have on their other activities
    whatever they are.

This is a complete customized and results-oriented system that we build with you in a short period of time.
All is about getting the best speakers for your next conference, and creating a strong link between them
and your conference
in a win-win and profitable way.

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The SuccessfulConference Speakers Boosting Program:

This program contains the latest best strategies and tactics for getting the most from your speakers:
  • all that you, as a conference producer, can do to improve their performance
  • all that they, as speakers, can do to be outstanding on stage

It is all about :
  • How to attract the best speakers
  • How to get the most from you speakers
  • How to get a standing ovation for each of your speakers
from the top-experts of our conference industry.

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