Successful Conference International is the division of Market Leaders Factory dedicated to conferences, trade shows, and convention centers. Successful Conference International provides the best development programs to increase sales and profits to each of those industry players.

Dan Ake, CEO.
Dan, as one of the top visionary and motivational speakers in the conference industry, co-founded Succesful Conference Academy. He is the author of "The 7 Spells of the new Conference People 2.0." and a highly-recognized expert, speaker, and business consultant in the convention industry. His vision and trainings change the professional life of thousands of conference people through his coaching and speaking performances. Dan is one of the world's leading authorities on social media for conferences and trade shows.

Steve Dean, Content Producer VP.
Steve is responsible for building strong learning programs to help conferences and trade shows increasing their revenues and profits.

Matt Wattson, Content Producer.
Matt is responsible for structuring the learning programs into progressive teaching videos, workbooks, and follow-up software

Jonathan Farrow, Marketing VP
Jonathan is in charge of marketing and promotion, as well as organizing real-life events for Successful Conference International.

Ethan Mennings, Marketing Research.
Ethan conducts numerous focus groups with conference, trade shows and convention center executives and operations managers. His main job is to analyze and scrutinize the results and transform them into efficient digests.

Martin Gean, Content Delivery Manager.
Martin's mission is to deliver easy-to-implement programs and to package them into efficient modules, so that even the busiest persons could have enough time to apply them to their conference, trade show, or convention center.

Jeff Davidson, Support Manager.
Jeff is in charge of our Support Center and coordinates our Outsourcing Department.

Headquarters World:

Successful Conference, a division of Market Leaders Factory.
14 Hanover Street, Hanover Square, London W1S 1YH, United Kingdom

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